Moz Rank quantifies popularity of a link. SEOMoz is the creator of this tool. This tool has managed to bring SEO experts together to boost the efficiency of similar tools. The maximum number of inbound links on your webpage can increase the Moz Rank of your page.

Moz Rank quantifies the popularity of link on a 0 – 10 scale. Moz started this indicator in 2004, and now it is a market standard. This rank represents the significance of links on a website. The quality and number of pages on your site primarily determine it.

The own algorithm of Moz determines the range of Moz rank. It measures the quantity and quality of links on landing pages. Every page on the website obtains a different classification of Moz rank.

PageRank still has a prominent place. However, a few brands are not happy with the classification of Google, so the Moz rank is a good alternative for them. The primary difference between Moz rank and Pagerank is a way to improve the classification of your website. PageRank depends on backlinks from other sites with a good PR. The status of Moz rank is based on the ability of a website to compile links from several popular pages.

Moz rank allows you to improve the classification of system quick than PageRank. There will be a slight difference, such as you can go from 2 – 3 or 4 – 5. A score above five needs more work and effort.

How to improve your Moz rank?

If you want to improve a Moz rank, you can do a few simple things.

Install SEO Moz Bar

Install an SEO MOZ bar or a toolbar called “Quick Search Status.” This toolbar is free and allows you to see PageRank, popularity ranking of Alexa, mozRank, SEOmoz Linkscape and more. It allows you to see the performance of your site quickly.

Create Nofollow

You can create “nofollow” outbound or links that have less importance. Nofollow is actually an HTML characteristic value employed to instruct the bots of search engines that one hyperlink must not influence the target ranking of a link in the index of a search engine.

It can decrease the efficiency of the particular search engine spams. It can improve the quality of results in a search engine and prevent spamdexing from happening. Nofollow links features don’t permit the bots of a search engine to follow a link. It means if the owner of a website is linking back with nofollow characteristics, it doesn’t pass on the juice of link.

Try to get maximum potential of SEO MOZ tools. You can get valuable information from your website to improve its quality for search engines. Check Moz rank by PrePostSEO.

Properly Post a Link

You should learn how to post a link properly. Several website owners think that they can post a link properly, but they are actually doing it in a wrong way. See the way people are using to post a link on websites: Site Name

You may find it right, but it is not a quality link. You can optimize this link in the following manner:

< a href= title=”your-keyword”>Your Keyword

See the difference in both links. There is a title attribute to reinforce your link by increasing the focus of your link. A keyword can provide good information to search engines about a web page that you have created. You must have the name of product and company in a title.