Backlink identifications over the past few years have become relatively easier as compared to before owing to bigger link indexes, better tool sets and overall knowledge enhancement. Despite all these factors, backlinks identifications are still not properly implemented. It can be argued that a professional can be hired to go through the links with a fine comb to ensure that bad links are rooted out. However, it is easier said than done as the costs will far outweigh the benefits.

The Basics

There are several factors that are taken into consideration to determine if the link is bad and needs removal. In the end it is the trade-off between what value the link holds for you and how much risk it carries with it. The ratio between the value and the risk it carries with it ultimately decides the worthiness of a link. The factors that determine this score are mentioned as following:

Trust Metrics

There are quite a few metrics that are readily available to point in the direction of backlinks of questionable integrity. Moz Spam Score and Majestic Trust Flow are the two most common acceptable metrics that point out concerning backlinks. While they work quite differently, the ultimate aim is to help webmasters determine the veracity and trustworthiness of a site. However, you need to understand that though they serve as a good starting point, they by themselves do not offer a comprehensive solution while determining the quality of a link.

Anchor text manipulation

Usage of valuable anchor text can generate better rankings for you. On the other, they can also bring penalty for your site. It is highly unlikely that webmasters will give you valuable anchor text and as such over optimization is given away pretty easily.

Low authority

Low authority links are a matter of concern. The difference between the domain authority and page authority should raise eyebrows if they are on the higher side.

Whether you are concerned about determining the quality of your backlinks or worried about anchor text qualification, step by step instructions given to discover and monitor backlinks in the previous section can improve your backlink index to a significant extent and can also help you in your online reputation management. For managing your backlinks, you can also take help of an reputable and experienced online reputation management company.